I am a natural light photographer living in Boise, Idaho with my husband of 25 years, our two beautiful children (who are sick of mom taking their picture!), an adorable Frenchie named Lil' Reggie and two tabby cats. I can't remember exactly when I took my first picture, but for over 20 years I have been know as "the one with the camera." These days none of my friends even bother bringing cameras to events they know I'll be attending!

While I love a great staged shot, my favorite photos are always the ones that are more spontaneous and really capture those special moments: the love between a mother and child, a child's spontaneous laugh, the spray of water as your children run through the waves.

I believe that most people photograph only about 5-10 percent of their lives: weddings, graduations, birthdays. While those are extremely important events and moments, what about the other 90 percent of your life where we see who you and your family really are? I capture THOSE special everyday moments for you.